What's with all the cherry blossoms?

Recently, Maree my beautiful sister and i took a spontaneous trip to the auckland botanical gardens to make the most of the beautiful cherry blossoms that spring has gifted us! You can see a few extra blossom shots here.

Anyway im the type of person (if you hadn't gathered already) that is comfortable in front of  the camera ONLY if i am pulling a ridiculous face, which i do, often... seriously, maree has about 40 takes of some pure golden photos!

Maree is a talented everything, illustration, photography, styling and you should definitely check out her blog Rose tinted Illustration.  You can find the photos that i took of maree here and some other ones of me over on her blog here.

Also note my choice as tattoos which if you are interested i can do a proper post about yeah?



  1. That TATTOO! so dlicate, I want to read a post about it! I'm impressed by 4th pic <3