Ripped jeans, dont care.

All the pants i own are ripped. And for good reason. I have this issue with pants and getting them to fit properly. Falling down? get a belt and deal with all the excess fat you're trying to ignore. Too tight? Deal with pain, lack of mobility and.. sitting down. I cant even think about this.

Ripped jeans, however are my new partner in crime, I don't have to care what they look like, they are already gross and cool at the same time, intentionally I might add. It doesn't matter if they get grubby, baggy or dirty because everyone already knows I don't care.

If you're not in on this comfort yet cool train, you should be.
Go grab a $12 pair of jeans from Kmart (mine) attack them with a craft knife (easier than you think, 100's of tutorials out there) and thank me later.

Shout out to my soul mate, Sneakers.

Four weeks later // new art

Four weeks, thats how long i've been back at uni. Im happy to say ive been producing quite a lot of art... that i actually like.

These are some patterns I've been working on but I am starting to see them more as compositions. I've also been making little objects that I am so excited to share with you. (soon!)

This is just a little post to check in and show ya some of my art, the art that is keeping me from you!

I post a lot of my provisional art including these and more over on my insta @eloisewb if you want to keep up with my manky brain and creations.

This coat, all day, everyday!

some facts for you:
Every time I put this coat on I feel a little more cool. It's the perfect mix of 80's bold and clean cuts that i love.

This dress is actually a nightie i saw and loved too much for my bed to be the only one to appreciate it.

I'm sorry this is a short post.. I never really know what to write on outfit posts.. But i hope you're well

Glasses: Derek Cardigan  //Jacket: Vintage // Dress: Kmart ;) // Shoes: Boohoo
Photos by Britney from Scout (like, her blog is crazy good)

ladies who lunch (2013/14 new year)

For New years this year (last year?) Maddi and I sat in bed drinking champagne and trolling the internet. We even bought in the new year by having a good ol' bounce on the trampoline (like the 10 year olds we are).

So, yes I realize its been 3 months since New Years but guess what.. I don't care! This past New Years we came to the conclusion that getting drunk and waking up hungover is no longer the classy thing to do, and not for us. 

Cue brunch:
We bravely decided to host a brunch the next morning, welcoming the new year in with a few close friends, beautiful hydrangeas, plenty of liquids, fresh fruit and warm home made waffles. Everyone arrived with a peice of fruit to contribute to our enormous fruit salad and we laughed about our failed resolution lists, a common #1 was "don't be such a bitch" and the hazy night gone by.

This was honestly the best way to bring in the new year and i hope (even if this is SUPER late) that your 2014 is great/ going well!

Some thoughts about being tw.... older

Some thoughts from my recent 'year aging event'

I remember being 10 and dreaming about being 20, being able to do what I wanted, go where I wanted, wear what I wanted and probably most of all be taken seriously and having my thoughts and ideas validated by my adult peers. I obviously didn't have a clue how hard and how great it would be really be.

I'm happy to say that I'm still not the person I 'wanted' to be, yes happy. There are so many other things in life that are going to influence my decisions and beliefs. If I had decided exactly how I wanted to be perceived and set boundaries for myself I can guarantee I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'm still putty in the hands of the events that are slowly going to shape me, and that excites me.

Would you believe that I only discovered my undying love for art and also the fact that it was a viable career option when I was in my very last year of high school, a part of me wonders whether I would have turned out differently, happier even if I had known from the start. But the fact that it’s still a fresh (sort of) experience or idea means that I'm at an age where I can’t exhaust it and the sky really is my limit, and that excites me.

I often think about the money entering and then promptly leaving my bank account. I think that that money could take me anywhere I wanted it and that I’m a fool for not venturing out more, out of my comfort zone and out of my country.. But then I realize that I’m only 20, I have a good 40 years under my belt to avoid my parents and experience the world. This excites me.

I’m still young and that's not a bad thing. I’m excited.

Dress: All about eve
Kimono: Cotton on

That one time i got older.

I aged another year.
A few posts back I mentioned that this is my graduating year (ill have a bloody degree!!) and it dawned on me that I'm not ready to enter the real world, I still feel like a child with a brain that has so much space needing to be filled! Ive always loved learning and what i like to call collecting skills, I know that eventually that this will fade and other things will replace it in importance, so for now I'm going to savor being young and healthy. You should too.

In other news, I held a joint gathering with my soul sister Maddi at my abode. We had friends and food, swimming and a few too many vodka shots and it was a wonderful way to bring in our 20th year of living!

We also made a totally delicious cheat of a cake. Store bought pavlova (my fav) + pomegranate seeds + blue berries = Heaven!

So many more photos after the jump.

summers end

Today it dawned on me that summer is over. Uni has begun, my boycott of public transport has forcefully been ended and soon the winds will over power the sun. Although it's been a warm and beautiful summer I can't help but feel that I didn't make the most if it.

I obviously have horrific memory loss, i have had four months off and i can only remember like 5 days... and of those four months the events i remember the most fondly and clearest are evening trips to the beach with friends, Swimming at sunset, soaking up as much of New Zealands beauty as possible. Although i didn't get out of new Zealand i still experienced our summer full force.

I got interviewed, and its a good one.

It's no secret that I like menswear a whole lot more than women's wear, which is why I jumped at the chance to share a little bit about myself, style and menswear with Matt for the tastemaker feature on Barber Careers Agency. BCA is basically a site overflowing with information for people looking to getting into barbering/ cosmetology. In fact, after this interview I had deluded thoughts that I could even be a barber, I mean I do have the haircut for it... But then that would be a waste of my massive student loan! 

Also collaborating with me on the images for this post is one of my best boys and coincidentally one if the best dressed gents I know, Adnaan, he's known me since i was a cringe worthy 14 year old and he still wants to be my friend. Wow. Enjoy the entire interview + photos below the jump

Toot your own horn.

Last Night I was having dinner with my parents and as per usual they were joking (sometimes not joking) about what a terrible child I am, my response to these kind of statements is always "excuse you, im amazing!" or "wow, wow, wow, im the greatest child ever" followed by "I am a bless-ing guys".

This isnt me being vain, It's my (exaggerated) version of corny self affirmations. (You know the ones from self help books telling you to talk at the mirror?)

My love languages don't include words of affirmation, I don't particularly need someone to tell me I'm great, I don't need to be told how beautiful someone thinks I am, I don't thrive off that stuff like some people do.

Sometimes however, just sometimes I do need to hear those things... Not from someone else but from my self. I believe in the idea that you should be your biggest fan because who else is is going to be? I am my own best friend and its foolproof.

If you know how great you are, then chances are that everyone else will follow suit.

A collection of cakes

One of the reasons i started blogging what to document things, be they special or mundane. I recently, while trolling through and cleaning up this space discovered i've got a pretty great collection of my sisters baking/ birthday creations. I love food more than anything so i feel like this is a fitting documentation of both the years gone past and something (food) and the someones that i love.

This was Maree's (sister in law) cake from her 23rd birthday. Made by Eva and Zia.

If you want to see others you can check out the birthday tag or the baking tag