Scout & company / The fed.

Last, last week i actually ventured out of my bedroom.. SHOCKER! I know i know, i'm a hermit. But anyway my dear friend Britney from Scout & company (her blog is amazing, her videos are A++ and her hair is nice, also her face is alright i guess ;) go give her some love!!) consumed some food, saw a film and danced the night away. It was great! She takes such good photos and so i asked her to guest post, enjoy ~

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A couple weeks ago Eloise and I (hey, I'm Britney) hit up what everybody affectionately calls The Fed. Aka Federal Street Delicatessen. While Eloise’s company was great (killer actually. Many laughs) the waiters and waitresses got me uber excited. Dressed up as though they were from a 1950s(ish) American Diner I was in bliss.

We had to wait for a bit outside for a seat, but that was ok bc I got my first cup of joe and Elly nabbed herself a cider. Man. I feel like I sound super pretentious in this writing or something. Anyway. After that we got a seat, a nice bearded waiter came to serve us (did I mention how all the wait staff were lovely) and we got some food. The waiter made the ‘experience’ and I know its his job and I know he won't remember us but he added to the night and the laughs.

The atmosphere was rad with the open kitchen kind of area and the booths and the bottomless coffee. And the menu wasn't too shabby either. Over all I give it a 10 plus twelve. Yip. That’s my made up nonsensical ranking system. Take what you will from it. Elly told me to write around 500 words. (E: Excuse you brit! I said no such thing! 5000 photos were my words ;)) But I'm finding that hard so A) go to The Fed. Its mandatory. B) heres a bunch of photos.

Digital Art | Ipad creations

So, we have established already that its cold (and i've been whining) but in the midst of this cold ive been worried about my paintings from last year that have been hanging out in storage. And so many of them have now been hung in my home. Which is so great apart from the fact that i can't get away from them! I'm serious! They follow me everywhere with their brush strokes and playful colors!

To remedy the tiny little painter yapping away in my brain i've taken to jotting down little compositions and colors on my ipad. Its quick, so much fun, clean and best of all stress free. I've done drawings on my ipad before (find here) but these are by far my favorite!

These are my results, The app i used is called 'sketches' and its amazing! You can find more about it at

the daily: 02

Time for the daily round two.

Currently i am sitting at my desk wrapped up warm in a down jacket and i kid you not, a lap blanket, Wistfully looking at these images and missing the time when i was able to wear a shirt without getting hypothermia.

Also i miss my cute little samurai/ sokka bun, not enough to even consider growing it out again.. but i have to admit it was pretty cute in its own right. I however love having what i call a boy cut, short and partless, i literally just roll out of bed and never look disheveled. Its glorious.

Also i am wearing a mens tee from barkers, seriously lasts 57x longer than womens tee. A $3 thrifted skirt that makes me feel so classy and my trusty birks which have been exiled till winter leaves ;(

Have a great weekend!

dreaming of summer

This morning i woke up on the wrong end of my bed in foetal position. I got right up wrapped my thuggie around my waist like a totally cute zebra patterned skirt, chucked a hoodie over my already present jumper and stepped into my ugg boot slippers. Its cold guys, and i'm a woos.

This sudden dip in the temperature and weather has me feeling the feels for summer. Twice my friend lisa and i have scheduled a longboarding excursion and twice we have instead been met with torrential rain.

These photos are from one of the many evening/ sunset swims that happened this past summer, those were the good days! My friend cath who i'm swimming with is actually chilling in Bali for a couple of months which i'm very bitter about.

If you need me i'll be moping around my house wearing my entire wardrobe with a cup of tea that is either too hot or too cold.

Enjoy your summer friends across the world.

New things: Objects and trajectories

I won't lie to you. This series of works are not new, they are actually from about 2 months ago but because of my 'un-intentionally-blank-page-phobia-hiatus' You are only getting to see them now.

These works illustrate my movement away from paint and into working with my hands. At this point i was still very attached to both color and 2D works, although the 2D 3D binaries that are in operation here are quite interesting.

I have an unbelievable amount of new-old work to show you guys and i'm excited because it gets better i promise. So keep your eyes peeled, don't forget to click the read more and please, please let me know what you think!

the daily 01

Why hello there friends! Its been a while coming but i can finally introduce a new.. series? Category? Thingymajig?

Its called 'The daily'.

The daily was born from the concept that i am not a fashion blogger, and will never be! Sometimes i post outfits and other fashion like things but i would never refer to my self as a fashion blogger or even a style blogger.

Because i am not restricted by these labels* ive decided to have a little fun! Obviously i like clothes and am quite fond of my personal aesthetic and so i will be delivering this insight into my wardrobe(?) through 'The daily' posts, snapshots of what i wear in my day to day life.

None of this over thinking, perfection or hyped up labels**. Its pretty much just me in a corner of my studio***

I hope you love these posts as much as i love making them ****

* Not saying anyone that uses these labels is restricted
** infact i actually really love kmart
*** A amazingly lit corner of my studio!
**** Seriously having no rules is so great!

!Warning! Only click the read more if you are prepared for ultimate goofy/ silly images!

Buns & birks: an update

+ Yet again I am here apologising for my absence, it's getting kind of old, i know. I promise however, there is some good stuff coming your way! Including a new and more regular feature called 'the daily' So keep an eye out.

+ My practise has also taken a funny little dive in to sculpture and im super excited to be creating with my hands and am so so so inspired by all the amazing ceramic lines coming up. (check out zana's insta cause I am seriously excited for the things they are creating!)

+ Succumbed to the birkenstock trend.. I am never going back sometimes i forget that I'm even wearing shoes, they are that comfortable. After the initial "I look like a german tourist" feeling they become apart of your *soul*

and last but not least;

+ I have finally achieved my hair endgame. It goes into a bun. Think Sokka from Avatar. Now i just need to get over my fear of being in public with my Miley buns aka (and preferably) Baby spice buns Maybe they will pop up in a 'the daily' post.


A) Thanks for tuning in - B) Thanks for sticking around - C) Hello to all my new followers - and D) I promise you'll see more of me!

Ripped jeans, dont care.

All the pants i own are ripped. And for good reason. I have this issue with pants and getting them to fit properly. Falling down? get a belt and deal with all the excess fat you're trying to ignore. Too tight? Deal with pain, lack of mobility and.. sitting down. I cant even think about this.

Ripped jeans, however are my new partner in crime, I don't have to care what they look like, they are already gross and cool at the same time, intentionally I might add. It doesn't matter if they get grubby, baggy or dirty because everyone already knows I don't care.

If you're not in on this comfort yet cool train, you should be.
Go grab a $12 pair of jeans from Kmart (mine) attack them with a craft knife (easier than you think, 100's of tutorials out there) and thank me later.

Shout out to my soul mate, Sneakers.

Four weeks later // new art

Four weeks, thats how long i've been back at uni. Im happy to say ive been producing quite a lot of art... that i actually like.

These are some patterns I've been working on but I am starting to see them more as compositions. I've also been making little objects that I am so excited to share with you. (soon!)

This is just a little post to check in and show ya some of my art, the art that is keeping me from you!

I post a lot of my provisional art including these and more over on my insta @eloisewb if you want to keep up with my manky brain and creations.